Friday, February 27, 2009


Hi and welcome to the wonderful, wacky life of ME! A wife, mother, mimi, sister, daughter, friend, chef, maid, chauffeur, field trip taker, cookie baker, boo boo kisser, seamstress, designer, and the list goes on woman who somehow keeps my sanity through it all!! Sound familiar??? How DO we DO it ALL?? I swear my next project is to design myself a SUPERWOMAN t-shirt ( I don't know, I may have to come up with more than one so as to be able to wear one EVERY day!!) although I have NO idea when I will find time to do this!!LOL!!Oh yeah, I'm SUPERWOMAN! I will just wave my magic wand and MAKE the time (although I really don't think a magic wand is one of superwoman's tools).

After laughing a bit at myself, I realized this is GREAT!! It puts a smile on my face while allowing me to share with the whole world my success along with my failures of my PASSION. Who needs prozac when you can BLOG your stress away?? LOL!!

I DO hope that you will follow me in my journey of creating Georgikids! I can't wait to share my day to day DRAMA with you!!!


  1. I totally agree! By the way, I have a Wonder Woman T-shirt. My hubby lauphs when I wear it.

  2. Thats hilarious!But SOOOO true, you know!!!Glad someone else feels like a super hero!!LOL!!