Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Aren't these just the cutest things? And the best part is they are edible! Gather the kids into the kitchen to help out with this tasty Easter craft, or is it a dessert? Whatever you want to call it, one thing's for sure, its YUMMY!!!


1 Cup unsweetened coconut flakes
3 tablespoons unsalted butter, plus more for bowls
3 cups mini marshmallows
3 1/2 cups finely crushed corn flakes
1/4 cup black and brown candy-coated chocolate pieces(such as M&M's), crushed
1 cup semisweet chocolate chips, melted
2 teaspoons smooth peanut butter
candies for decorating


1) Toast coconut in 350 degree oven until lightly browned, about 5 minutes, stirring once. Butter seven 3 1/2 inch bowls, set aside. Melt butter in saucepan.Add marshmallows; stir until melted. Stir in cornflakes. Set aside 1 3/4 cups of the mixture in a medium bowl.

2)Stir 1/2 cup of the coconut, crushed chocolate pieces, and melted chocolate into mixture in pan. Press into bowls to form nests. Refrigerate for 1 hour.

3)Form chicks with reserved mixture (make into approx. 1 3/4 inch balls and attach to each other with peanut butter). Decorate with candies (refer to picture). Remove nests from refrigerator, unmold from bowls, line with coconut (for nest effect) and add your chicks!

This is such a fun project for the kids to help with because they can get a little messy while having fun molding their chicks and nesting them. Try a little variation like adding a baby chick and mom and dad chick for the "chick family", or a whole nest of baby chicks with their little mouths open for feeding, etc... JUST HAVE FUN!!ENJOY!!



This Easter, take hard boiled eggs to a whole new height by embellishing them with lacy patterns. Once the eggs are dyed and dry, pile them in a large bowl to use them as a centerpiece.

I came across this tip on egg dying and thought the lacy pattern was so sweet. They are so easy to make that I wanted to share the idea with everyone. I just love new ideas on decorating for Easter, and will be posting new discoveries all week long for you to enjoy.


Standard egg dye
Rubber bands
Inexpensive lace trimmings or scraps from an old tablecloth or worn curtains
Foam board fitted with flat head pins


1) Cut lace into strips long enough to wrap around eggs and still have enough
extra to form a sash for holding.

2) Wrap eggs, securing lace with rubber bands. Dye eggs according to dye package instructions. Lift out, cut off rubber bands, and unwrap lace. Let dry on foambaord fitted with flathead pins. (Lay eggs on top of pins)

Enjoy decorating with these pretty eggs and use your imagination with colors. I think blue and pink ones mixed would be really sweet or maybe throw in some yellow ones for a splash of sunshine. Let me know how yours turned out!!


Monday, March 30, 2009


We all seem to be getting our "GREEN" on these days and with Easter approaching, we can even find some fun ways to include earth friendly crafts into our holiday projects.

Here is an ingenious way to recycle wrapping, construction or craft paper. Feed leftover sheets into a shredder for colorful strips to use as grass in a basket. Desktop paper shredders can be found in office-supply stores. To transform flat strips into spirals, crumple them in your hands, or curl with scissors. Feed the short side of rolled up paper through shredder to retain the curl!

The little ones can even take part in this project by helping cut (with safety scissors) or crumple paper with their hands. Just make sure to keep their tiny fingers away from the shredder.



**All recipes and projects are courtesey of Martha Stewart Living Magazine**


Aren't these just adorable? And so much fun to make with your little ones. These cute bunnies can be displayed on a cake plate or platter during your Easter feast to nibble on for dessert, can be wrapped in plastic and tied with a sweet ribbon for favors for your child's party, or delivered to someone special stacked in a pretty box or basket. No matter how they are given or displayed, they are sure to be big hit and become every one's favorite and gobbled up in no time.


2 cups all purpose flour, plus more for surface
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 stick (1/2 cup) butter, softened
1 cup granulated sugar
1 large egg, room temperature
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1) Sift flour, baking powder, and salt together in a bowl. Beat together butter and sugar with a mixer on medium-high speed until pale and fluffy. Beat in egg and vanilla. Reduce speed to low. With machine running, gradually add in flour mixture; mix until combined. Shape into a disk, and wrap in plastic. refrigerate until firm, at least 45 minutes (or up to 3 days)

2)Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Transfer dough to a lightly floured work surface. Roll into 1/8" thick. Using a 5 inch tall bunny shaped cookie cutter, cut out cookies. Space 2 inches apart on parchment paper lined baking sheet. Reroll scraps, and cut out. (I like to sprinkle my bunnies with sugar before I bake)Refrigerate until firm, about 15 minutes.

3)Bake until golden brown, 12 to 15 minutes. Let cool completely on sheets on wire racks. Cookies can be stored in airtight containers at room temperature for up to 1 week.


***OPTIONS: You can sprinkle with sugar before baking, add eyes and whiskers by piping chocolate icing onto bunny face after completely cooled, etc... JUST USE YOUR IMAGINATION.




Easter is right around the corner and there are so many yummy recipes to celebrate the holiday that I thought this week would be a good time to share some of my favorites with everyone. These adorable cookies are easy to make but make such a beautiful presentation that you will want to admire them instead of eat them, but go ahead and try one, they are super yummy!

Included with delicious Easter recipes, I am going to throw in some fun Easter crafts and great kids party tips and ideas this week, so check back often so you can join in on the action! This week is sure to be jam packed with fun and food that you won't want to miss!



1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter at room temperature
1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons sugar
1 3/4 cups all purpose flour, plus more for rolling out dough
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup Dutch-process cocoa powder, sifted
6 ounces semi-sweet chocolate, chopped
1 cup heavy cream
1 teaspoon instant espresso powder
Gel-paste food coloring
2 cups sweetened shredded coconut
6 candy coated chocolate eggs


1) Heat oven to 350 degrees. Line 2 baking sheets with parchment paper, and set aside. In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, combine butter and sugar.

2) In a large bowl, combine flour, salt, and cocoa powder. Add flour mixture to butter mixture; mix on low speed just until a stiff dough forms, about 2 minutes. Transfer dough to a piece of plastic wrap, wrap tightly, and chill until firm, about 30 minutes.

3)Place chocolate, heavy cream, and espresso powder in a medium heatproof bowl. Place the bowl over a gently simmering pot of water, stirring occasionally, until chocolate is melted. Remove bowl from heat , and set the chocolate ganache aside to cool, stirring occasionally.

4)On a lightly floured surface, roll out chilled dough to a 1/4 inch thickness. Using a 2 1/4" round cookie cutter, cut out 24 cookies; place them on lined baking sheets. Chill cookies until firm, about 20 minutes.

5)Bake cookies until set, about 14 minutes. Transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.

6)For colored coconut, combine a few drops of food coloring with 3 tablespoons water in a medium bowl. Stir in coconut; mix until evenly colored. Spread on an ungreased baking sheet; bake just until dry, about 12 minutes, being careful not to brown. Let coconut cool; transfer to a small bowl.

7)When the ganache is cooled to room temperature, whisk until it becomes stiff enough to pipe. Transfer ganache to pastry bag fitted with a 3/8" round tip, and pipe around perimeter of cookies. Dip each cookie, ganache side down into coconut. Fill "nests" with candy-coated chocolate eggs, 2 or 3 eggs per nest. Store cookies in an airtight container, refrigerated for up to 3 days.



Friday, March 27, 2009


It's been such a hectic and crazy day for me today! I don't know what it is. It's raining, the traffic has been awful, and people are acting like lunatics at the grocery stores today. I think I will remain held up in the confines of my nice, cozy, dry home for the rest of the day! I am trying to get in the last little bit of UBP today and am so sad that it is coming to an end. It just seems like it flew by this week. I have had a great time though and still have a few fun things to throw your way, so stay tuned through the evening for some crafts, yummy recipes, and who knows what else! Please remember that I am giving away a hair bow and set of clippies of your choice tonight to 3 lucky people. You must answer the UBP question in this post in a comment that you leave and then go to your blog and leave a comment about my giveaway. What were three places that the UBP live streamed from this week?

Please check out this cute idea for your little one's Easter basket:

**The Jelly Bean Carrot**

What you need:

Plastic pastry bag
orange jelly beans
green rickrack or ribbon
Easter basket, optional

How to make it:

1) Fill a plastic pastry bag 3/4 of the way with orange jelly beans.

2) Tie the bag closed with the rickrack or ribbon.

3) Include the carrots in an Easter basket or fill a basket with them and set them out as favors for a party.

*I am going to make these for favors for Andrew's class at school! I just love them and they are super easy to make!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Okay, I know we all just had lunch not long ago (us in the eastern time zone, that is), but Happy Hour is creeping up on us fast, so here is a yummy appetizer recipe to have with that Happy Hour drink! It's five o'clock somewhere!!! Right??

Heres what you need:

2 pitas, sliced in half to make 4 round pieces.

4 Tablespoons olive oil

1 teaspoon paprika

1/2 teaspoon dried oregano

1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

1 12 oz. jar roasted red peppers, drained and cut into strips

4 slices lemon

1 garlic clove, sliced

1 cup grated provolone cheese

Heres How To Make It:

Heat broiler to high. Arrange the pitas on a baking sheet, cut side up. Brush with 2 tablespoons of the oilthen sprinkle with the paprika, oregano, 1/4 tespoon of the salt. Place under broiler for about 2 miutes or until crisp. Set aside.

Heat the remaining oil (2 Tablespoons) in a skillet. Add the peppers, lemon, garlic, and the remaining salt. Saute' until peppers are hot and fragrant, about 3 minutes.

Spread the peppers evenly overthe pita halves and sprinkle with the provolone. Place back under broiler for about 2-3 minutes until cheese is melted. Slce into strips, if desired and serve. YUM!!

Do you know what kind of stores Janice and Susan have? (answer in comment to win)

Have fun ladies!



Time for a little TLC ladies! All this partying can leave a girl's lips parched! Follow this guide to LUSCIOUS lips and you will say goodbye to that winter dryness FOR GOOD!!!!!

Mix up a batch of this yummy lip balm yourself and feel what a wonderful difference it makes! Add peppermint or eucalyptus oils to heal a chapped kisser, or opt for a soothing vanilla-and-rose scented version. Either way, you'll have lip softening relief right in your pocket!

Lip Balm How-To

***Makes 4 tins, 1/2 ounce each***

1 Tablespoon beeswax pearls (also called pellets)
1 Tablespoon pure shea butter
2 Tablespoons sweet almond oil
10-15 drops essential oils

Melt beeswax, shea butter and almond oil together in the top of a double boiler or in a heat safe bowl set over a pot of simmering water; stir continuously with a whisk. Once the ingredients are liquefied, remove them from the heat. Whisk in the essential oils. Working quickly, transfer the liquid to a measuring cup or a container with a pour spout and then divide it between four 1/2 oz. lip balm tins. Let balms cool completely until solid, about 20 minutes. Store in a cool, dry place.

Variation:: Peppermint - Eucalyptus Lip Balm
Use 6 drops of peppermint essential oil and 4 drops of eucalyptus essential oil

Variation: Vanilla - Rose Lip Balm:
Use 10 drops of rose oil, also called rose otto, and 5 drops of vanilla oil, also known as vanilla absolute. Do you know what prize #34 at the UBP is?


How is all that partying going this week ladies? I, personally am havin a blast! What is prize #12 in the UBP? the To kick off today's shindig here at Georgikids, I have a sweet Easter craft for you to make! How cute are these little doily baskets?

To Make:

You will need a stiched (not paper) doily, a bowl in the shape of the basket you would like to make, fabric stiffener.

1) Soak the doily in bowl of fabric stiffener until saturated.

2) Remove doily from stiffener and place over bowl (bowl is turned upside down) to form a basket shape.

3) Allow to dry. Carefully peel dried doily basket from bowl.

There you have it! Wasn't that the easiest craft ever? And sooo cute! Just add some little "nest" grass and some tiny eggs (candy or otherwise) and maybe a little birdie to perch on the side!! Now isn't that just adorable???

Don't forget to post a comment answering the question in this post regarding the UBP (the question is hidden in ea. post) and leaving a comment on your blog about my Shindig here to be entered into a drawing to win a cute hair bow or set of clippies from my etsy shop!!! Will give away tomorrow night to 3 lucky winners!!


OMG!!! I have been awarded the MOMMY OF THE YEAR!!! A BIG thanks goes out to Veronica Lee over at OF Mice and raMEN for this wonderful award! Thank you Veronica!! It's always so nice to be given a special award like this. I feel honored! I came across this little poem that Andrew gave me a couple of years ago along with a molding of his little hand (Mother's Day project in Sunday School)and thought it was appropriate to post along with my award. It is sooo sweet.


Sometimes you get discouraged,
because I am so small
And leave my little fingerprints
on furniture and walls
But everyday I'm growing
And soon will be so tall
That all these little fingerprints
Will be difficult to recall.
So here's a little handprint
that you can put away
So you will know how my fingers looked
on this special day!

***Author Unknown***

I get the pleasure now of honoring 5 other wonderful mothers with this award. There are so many super ones out there that is very hard to chose, but the following are mom's who I have met that I truly feel that deserve it.

1)Sandy from Tales from a Shop*A*Holic Mommy

2)Jacqueline from My Lil Guyz

3)Kim from Little Ladybug Designs

4)Erin from Closing Time

5)Mommy Mo from Growing up Mo

Congratulations to these wonderful Mommy's!!!

***Mom of the Year Rules***

- Rule 1 -
Admit one thing that you feel awful about involving being a mom! Wow, there are sooo many things! I guess a good one is that I feel really awful when I can't participate in EVERY school activity with Andrew. I try really hard to make ALL the field trips, but there are times (once in a great while) when I just can't make it, and that look of dissappointment on his little face just about kills me.

- Rule 2-

Remind yourself that you are a good mom!
Even though I can be tough sometimes, I know it is the right thing to do at the time to make them grow strong, have good values, and be respectful.
Spending quality time with them each and every day is very important to me, even if it only a few minutes.

- Rule 3 -

Send the award to 5 other Mom's Of The Year that you feel deserve credit for being great mom's and remind them they are the best mom they can be! Remember to send them a note to let each one know you selected them and add a link to the person who nominated you!


Good Morning Everyone! It's Thursday and that means the fabulous UBP will be soon winding down, but here at Georgikids, we are going to party on as long as possible. This has been a fantastic week and I have met sooo many wonderful people. It has been so much fun hopping around to everyone's blogs. It's great how so many people have been joining in on all the fun! Let's not forget to give a HUGE thanks to Janice and Susan over at 5 Minutes for Moms for all of the hard work they have put into making this week turn out so wonderful!!! I think they have done a GREAT job!! You rock girls!!!

I will be posting more yummy party recipes, fun Easter crafts, beauty tips, and lots more all day today and tommorrow, so please check in often so you won't miss anything! Also, don't forget that three lucky winners will recieve their choice of hair bow or set of clippies from my etsy shop ( I will be posting more of those to my shop today too) at the end of the day tommorrow. Read my FIRST UBP blog way down below to see how you can enter to win!

Now, lets get ready to party!!!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

**** LETS PARTY****

Come on ladies..... Grab your hubby, grab your kids, turn that Aretha Franklin on, and shake that booty ( we ALL have one...although some more than others)!!!

It's PARTY time with the UBP. The week is slipping by, don't let yourself miss out!

Here at Georgikids... there is NO stoppin us!!!! We are gonna party til...til...til...well...til we fall into our bed exhausted I suppose!!!

Me? Oh, My name is Erin. Did I forget to introduce myself to you? Well, with all this partying goin on, it's no wonder! Please forgive me. I"ve just been a little (no, ALOT) excited the past couple of days about THE ULTIMATE BLOG PARTY 2009!!!

I LOVE Sewing and making beautiful custom children's clothes. I have an shop on Etsy, which I would LOVE for you to stop by sometime. I am married, have 2 daughters (ages 25 & 27)! I know, I know.... I am old! Well, not really! I don't feel old. I have two wonderful grandchildren (Hailee 4 1/2 and Andrew 6). I actually have full custody of Andrew (have had since he was 1 1/2) so I am actually starting all over with this "MOM" thing! Whew!!! I wish I had just an ounce of his energy!! And the BOY thing, well, that's a whole nother story!!! I had GIRLS!! Barbies, tea parties, and dance lessons...not hot wheels, football,and spider man.
Oh well, I LOVE it!!!

Anway, I have been having a blast this week at the UBP!!! I have had sooo much fun today hosting my own Georgikids Shindig, that I think I will extend it til Friday! Yep, three whole days of Georgikids Shindig in honor of the UBP! If you know me, than you know I LOVE a good party! So tomorrow... join me here again, same place same time for more yummy party recipes, fun Easter crafts, beauty tips and LOTS MORE!!! And don't forget to read my very FIRST UBP blog way down below to learn how to win great prizes from my shop this week! I will be drawing the winners names Friday night!!!




Ladies, how's the partying going? Are you ready for some more party food? Then get in your kitchen and whip up this tasty dip to have with that glass of Merlot. If your gonna party, then do it right! You can even eat it off a paper plate if ya want, we won't tell! How many prizes are there to win at the UBP? I have had a blast today blog hoppin thru the UBP! Have met some awesome gals along the way too! It's great! You don't have to get in your car, burn any gas, get road rage or even try to find a parking spot to visit all of these wonderful peoples homes! Heck, you don't even have to get out of your jammies if you don't want to!

Ready girls? Here goes.....


1) 4 whole wheat pita pockets, cut into triangles

2) Cooking spray

3) Garlic salt

4) 1 15 oz. can chick peas, drained

5) 1 cup sauteed red peppers

6) 1/4 cup Tahini (sesame paste)

7) 2 Tablespoons FRESH LEMON JUICE

8) 3 - 4 cloves garlic

9) 1 teaspoon ground cummin

10) Salt and ground pepper

11) 2 Tablespoons chopped fresh parsley leaves


Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

Place pita triangles on a large baking sheet and spray the surface of each with cooking spray. Season the tops with garlic salt. Bake 6 to 8 minutes until golden brown and crisp.

Meanwhile, rinse and drain 1 can of the chickpeas. Place drained chickpeas in a blender and add red peppers, tahini, lemon juice, garlic, and cummin. Process until smooth. Season, to taste, with salt and black pepper. Transfer to a serving bowl and top with parsley.

Serve hummus dip with pita triangles alongside.


P.S. girls, don't forget to follow the directions in my first UBP post down below to try to win those cute hair bows or clippies from my shop.

**** BUNNY EARS****

Are you ladies partying like it's 1999? I have been doing some serious blog hoppin today in between posts and I'm here to tell ya, I have met some awesome mama's, mamapreneur's, grand mama's and mama's in training! There truly are some great blogs out there and I am so glad that I have found them!!

Okay, enough chit-chat, lets get back to the party! Grab your glass of wine, fruit punch (back in the day I think it was called HUNCH PUNCH---another story all together) diet coke, or what ever your choice of party drink may be, put on some dancing music and shake your booty! Or..... at least check out this adorable Easter craft project....

*****Turn your little one into an Easter bunny with these cute felt ears****

Tools and Materials

Child size headband
8 by 16 inch piece of pink felt
6 by 6 inch piece of white felt
scissors or scalloped or pinking shears
hot glue gun
hot glue sticks

1) Measure the width and length of the top of the headband, add 1/2 inch to all sides, and cut a strip of pink felt to cover.

2) Glue the felt strip onto the top of the headband, wrapping the extra material around the headband's edges.

3) Measure the underside of the headband, and cut a strip of pink felt to fit.

4) Glue the strip to the underside, creating a backing that covers the edges of the top of felt.


1) Draw a "bunny ear" shape as outer ear freehand or trace on that you have a picture of (really just a pointy oval shape)and cut the shapes out

2)Draw a slightly smaller "bunny ear" as inner ear and cut out (2)

3)Trace the outer ear shape onto the pink felt twice, and cut along scalloped edge (will be scalloped if you use scalloped scissors)

4) Trace the inner ear shape onto the white felt twice, and cut out with regular scissors (see picture).

5) Glue each pair of ears together with hot glue, and let dry.

6) Crease each ear vertically down the middle, and press.

7) Fold up the bottom flaps on either side of the notch, and attach to headband with hot glue, pulling notches close so ears are slightly bent. Hold until glue sets.

There you have it! The cutest little set of bunny ears for your own little bunny!

****Remember to visit my original UBP post down below for instructions on how to win cute hair bows and clippies from my shop today!!!!


Having fun yet? Blog hoppin through the UBP today? Here are some great beauty tips that we all can use (especially us busy moms). Check them out and see if anything here will be something that you will incorporate into your daily routine.

The following is a list of products that have been tested by dermatologists and cosmetic chemists and are recommended that all women use on a regular basis to nourish and take care of our skin....

1) Gentle Cleanser: No matter if it's a bar, a liquid , or a gel, a cleanser your should suit your skin type and be mild enough to use twice a day.

2) Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 30: A high SPF ensures that skins protected every day of the year."Ones with antioxidants, like green tea, are terrific because they offer a second line of defense against UV damage", says David E. Bank, M.D., director of the center for Dermatology , cosmetic and laser surgery, in Mount Kisco, New York.

3) Broad Spectrum Sunscreen: Pick up another sunscreen to use in place of your daily one on day's that you're outside for an extended time, like vacation or in the summer. "It's the single best anti-aging product on the planet," says Ranella Hirch, M.D., vice president of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery. Look for one with stable UVA shields, like Mexoryl and Helioplex, which can be used on the body too.

4) Lip Balm with SPF: You want the highest SPF you can find, since lips are ultra sensitive and susceptible to UV damage.

5) Hand Cream with SPF: It will help your hands from revealing your age. "Be sure to hydrate your nails well, too, to prevent splitting and ridges," says Jeanette Graff, an assistant professor of of dermatology at New York University
Medical Center, in New York City. Who is live in Nashville this week for the UBP?

6) Body Moisturizer: To fend off dry, itchy skin, use one with a rich mix of humectants (like glycerin) and occlusives (like petrolatum)twice a day.

Is your skin already thanking you? I know mine is BEGGING me to run right out and gobble this stuff up.
I don't know about you, but there are several of these products that I do NOT use regulary! I am going to try really hard to make sure that I do from now on though. Are these things that you keep on hand and use daily?

****YUMMY BLT DIP*****

Since we will be partying all day, I thought it only befitting to offer my guests some yummy party food recipes! This dip is awesome and if you have never tried it, please do. It is super easy and delish! All you need is a good glass of wine (or maybe coffee this early) and a tray of this yummy appetizer to put you right on into the party mood! Ready to try it? Lets get started.....

* 1 cup mayonaise
* 1 cup sour cream
* 1 head iceberg lettuce
* 2 large vine ripe tomatoes (or maybe some sun dried tomatoes)
* 1 lb. lean bacon, cooked crisp and crumbled
* sea salt bagel chips

Combine the mayonaise and sour cream in a small bowl with snap-on lid. When well mixed, refrigerate until serving time.(Like right about NOW!LOL!!) What year was the FIRST UBP given by Janice and Susan? Take the head of iceberg lettuce, slice off about 1/4 off the top, hollow out (as in picture), shred up left over lettuce for garnish. When ready to serve, spoon mayonaise mixture into hollowed out head of lettuce (you can actually just use a good ole fashion bowl if you don't feel like being that creative). Top mixture with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, and bacon. Serve with bagel chips.

***OPTION: I make mine stirring in some of the tomatoes and bacon into the mix, then using remainder to sprinkle on top! .....Thats just Me!!!




Okay ladies, the Georgikids Mid-Week UBP SHindig is officially underway! I hope everyone is having a lot of fun this week blog hopping and partying it up with THE ULTIMATE BLOG PARTY!!! I know I am, and there is plenty more to come, so lets get started here at Georgikids and have a blast today!!!

I will be posting yummy recipes, fun crafts, and wonderful beauty tips all throughout the day today along with a few tidbits here and there of other fun things I come up with, so drop by often to check out whats new and pick up some great ideas! Remember too that I will be asking a question in each blog I post today pertaining to the UBP and at the end of the day today will be picking three lucky winners of a hair bow or clippie set of your choice from my Georgikids Etsy shop. In order to qualify to win, you must post a comment to as many blogs as possible here today with the answer to ea. question in the appropriate blog, then on YOUR blog, post a comment (only one sometime today) about The Georgikids Shindig (please let me know where the post is so I can go there and read it). I will chose the winners based on how many blogs you comment to, how many answers that you get right and the comment posted on your blog or website. So, now that we have all that out of the way, LETS GET PARTYING AND HAVING SOME FUN!!!


Aren't these just Adorable? Just in time for Easter and a super simple project!

Everything is reborn in spring-- even Easter eggs, which can be transformed into votives for your table. Simple eggcups make a lovely base. First, make a hole in the top of each egg with a pin; enlarge the holes, and pour out the yolks. Clean shells, then dye them with food coloring (follow package directions). Nestle shells in a carton. Cut wire-core wicks to 4 inches long, flatten one end, and fasten in shells with a bit of warm wax. Using a funnel, fill shells with hot wax (tinted with dye pellets). Let cool. Trim the wicks, light, and enjoy!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Ultimate Blog Party 2009It's here girls! Thats right, THE ULTIMATE BLOG PARTY (or UBP for short)! I have been anticipating this for months now and am SOOO excited about it. This is my very first year that I have been able to join in all the fun and I am PUMPED!! The wonderful ladies over at 5 Minutes for Moms (Janice and Susan) have done a GREAT job putting all of this together and have tons of exciting things planned for the week. There will be SUPER DUPER prizes given away, live entertaiment in several locations, virtual fun for everyone to join in on, and LOTS more! Trust me, you do NOT want to miss out. Go to THE ULTIMATE BLOG PARTY----NOW!!!

Thats right ladies--- GO NOW!!! look to the right on my sidebar and link right to it. See the little button? Yep, thats it! CLICK it---CLICK IT NOW!!!

For a little fun here at GEORGIKIDS, I thought I would invite everyone over for a mid-week UBP shindig to celebrate this years bash. so, tomorrow, everyone is invited here to GEORGIKIDS throughout the day "drop-in" style to pick up yummy recipes, beauty tips, fun kids and mommy craft FREE how-to instructions, and for even more fun, I will give away three hairbows from my Georgikids etsy shop at different times tomorrow (one ea.to three lucky women). In order to win one of these cute hairbows (winner chooses hairbow from selection in shop)you must post a comment on my UBP SHINDIG blog tomorrow answering a question that will appear in the blog pertaining to the ULTIMATE BLOG PARTY 2009. Then you must post a comment on YOUR site (let me know where it is) about the UBP SHINDIG here at Georgikids. At the end of the day (early eve.)I will chose three winners based on answer to the question I ask in the blog and the excitement and enthusiasum in their post here and on their own site. The top three will win a hair bow or set of clippies of their choice from GEORGIKIDS etsy shop. The winners will then be notified in a comment that I leave as a reply to their post.

There are also LOTS, and I DO mean LOTS of super prizes to be given away at the UBP site (5 minutes for mom). I have my eye on some great things that I would like to win.

1) $100.00 gift card to Pedal Cars & Retro (Janice and Susan's fabulous store)....Cause I LOVE that store!
2) $50.00 gift card to Target (given away by: Shoot Me Now)....Cause I LOVE to shop!
3) Kitchen Aid Artsian Stand Mixer (given away by: Moms Who Think)....Cause I LOVE to cook!
4)$50.00 gift card to Carrabbas Grill (given away by: The Divine Miss Mommy)....Cause I LOVE to eat!
5) $50.00 gift card to Paperlicious (given away by: Paperlicious)....Cause I LOVE to write!
6)$100.00 gift card to HomeGoods (given away by: HG Openhouse)....Cause, there again, I LOVE to shop
7)A beautiful bracelet (given away by: Sydney Andrews)....Cause I LOVE her jewelry!
8)$50.00 gift card to Target (given away by:The Beginner Baby Blog)....cause we all know that I LOVE to shop!
9)$50.00 gift card to Target (given away by: Agoosa)....Cause we know what? yep, you got it -I LOVE to shop!
10)Chicbud earphones (given away by: The IE Mommy)....Cause I LOVE great Music!

Lets have fun ladies, and please don't forget to join me here tomorrow throughout the day FOR the GEORGIKIDS UBP SHINDIG!!

Monday, March 23, 2009


It's been a very hectic last few days for me, but I FINALLY was able to finish most of my Spring collection for "Georgikids". I even had a trunk show yesterday afternoon in Jacksonville and was very happy with the turn out and the number of sales that were made. My sister-in-law was kind enough to host the party for me and we all had a lot of fun (the red wine and hor'dourves were great). I had a great deal of positive feedback on my Spring items and took quite a few orders. I would say that the "Feelin Crabby" collection was the crowd favorite. It turned out sooo cute. Blue/white striped seersucker fabric with red crabs embroidered all over (shorts,capris,pants,jumper) and matching white t-shirt with big red crab appliqued on front. Red/white gingham fabric also made into shorts or capris to match made this collection adorable. I was able to show off this group in addition to "Bunny Lane" which is a sweet a-line jumper in soft pink with a bunny and carrots appliqued to front and has matching pink pantaloons. Both the jumper and pantaloons have white bows tied on shoulders and bottom of legs. A matching boy "Bunny Lane" outfit consists of light blue/white gingham shorts(same fabric that is used on bunny applique on jumper),white t-shirt with bunny and carrot appliqued to front.
The "Gator Tales" collection was very popular as well with green/white striped seersucker fabric with little green alligators embroidered throughout. A matching white tee with a gator appliqued to front pulled this together with a fresh, Spring look. The "Very Cherry" group turned out really sweet also and drew a lot of attention. It includes an A-line top that buttons at shoulders made from the cutest fabric that is white with red cherries scattered all over and a touch of turqoise. Big red grosgrain ribbon sashes tie into bows on each side of top. Pants include choice of capris or shorts made from beautiful turqoise fabric with cuff at hemline made from cherry fabric that matches top. This outfit is sooo sweet and also includes a matching white tee with appliqued monogram letter out of the cherry fabric. Also very popular was the "Pink Lemonade" group which includes light pink/white gingham capris or shorts with big bows attached at hemline (bottom side) of ea. leg made from pink grosgrain ribbon with white polka dots. A white tee with pink/white gingham monogram is appliqued to front and on ea. shoulder there is a matching pink/white bow attached with streamers hanging slightly down front and back of shirt which finishes this outfit off very nicely (This was my 3 yr. old nieces favorite)and is so light and cool for this time of year and on through the summer months. "Dahlia Blooms" topped off the collections shown for girls and the "Pirates treasure" for the boys. Both of these also turned out very sweet and include shorts (or capris for the girls) made from very pretty fabric from Sandi Henderson's Farmers Market collection with gorgeous large pink dahlia blooms over shades of green and for the "Pirates Treasure" outfit, the fabric is a little retro/vintage in a teal blue with splashes of bright colors such as red, yellow, green and black with images of pint size pirates sailing for their treasure.

I am very happy to finally have the majority of the Spring collection finished and I think it all turned out very nice. I have had so many ideas running around in my head that I think I changed my mind on what I wanted some of these outfits to look like at least a dozen times. I will be working on finishing the "Polka Dot Party" for the girls and the "Monkey Business" and "lil Sea Creatures" groups for the boys in the next few days and posting them. I exchanged the "All Hands on Deck" from the boys group for the "Feelin Crabby", as I was going to include the latter collection in my Summer line, but decided to switch them. I think it will turn out to be better suited for each collection this way. I will be posting pictures and details of each outfit in these groups this evening for everyone to take a peek at. I truly hope everyone is as excited as I am with the way they all turned out.

PLEASE take a look at all of the Georgikids new Spring collection on etsy at www.georgikids.etsy.com. Thanks and let me know what you think!! I would LOVE hearing from you. Have a good Monday everyone!!


Thursday, March 19, 2009


Sorry everyone for my lack in posting the last couple of days! I have been SOOO busy with orders (not complaining mind you)that I have had little time for anything else. Not to mention PTA and family reading night at school this week, my oldest daughter (Stephanie) having surgery, my husband losing his job (the layoffs do not exclude bank V.P's evidently)! It has been CRAZY and somewhat depressing! We are trying to all pull together and make the best out of it. You think that it will never happen to you, but then it does and turns your whole life upside down! I will try to get back with "the program" tonight and post something optimistic and uplifting to make us all feel better. LOL!! Thanks for your understanding! As the saying goes---This too shall pass!!Hope everyone has a great day!!


Monday, March 16, 2009


This is part five and the last of the recognition and "mini series" of Louisa May Alcott and the story behind the famous novel "Little Women".

Little Women is the lovely and heart rendering tale about the March family-- a family who loses its wealth and gains much more -- love and unity. Just as the past posts in this series has shown, this story was much like Louisa's own life. Young girls are only human, and they have natural yearning for worldly possessions. It is up to them how they cope with it, which brings us back to the March girls. Their desire to help others even when they don't have much themselves is indeed remarkable. This book shows in all times, love and hope are the most faithful companions, for when all else fails...we can depend on them. Honest and true intentions are really the most valuable possessions one can have. And this novel shows us the beauty of simplicity and the importance of the small human deeds that count even though they cannot be visibly seen. Some may not like this story but the unique thing about it is that it is based on a completely true story of Louisa May Alcott's own life. The unlikely twists in this story make it only more human, since we are all humans and we cannot evade such scenes in our life.

Little Women is a well-told story that features suspense, humor and engaging characters, as well as lessons about the importance of honest, hard work, true love, and family unity. Brilliant in its portrayal of nineteenth-century family life, the novel depicts a secure, placid world in which the the home serves as the center for children's religious and moral education.

In Alcott's novel, the family-as the most important of social units -gives its strength to overcome life's obstacles...
he March girls - Meg,17, Jo,16, and Amy,12 - bemoan the fact that Christmas will be lacking because their poverty prevents them from having gifts and their father is away in the Civil War. Resolving to be better people, they decide to play Pilgrim's Progress, an ongoing makebelieve in which they follow the allegorical travels Christian in Pilgrim's Promise. On Christmas day, the girls take their
breakfast to the Hummels, a needy family nearby. Later they discover that their wealthy neighbor Mr. Lawrence has rewarded their kindness with flowers and treats.

******Many thanks go out to The National Historical Women's Society and The Literature Network for the material used in these posts****

I hope you have enjoyed reading this interesting biography on Louisa May Alcott as much as I have enjoyed writing it.



In part four of this "mini" series of remembering Louisa May Alcott I am going to share with you a little bit about of Louisa's childhood and how she grew up.

Most of her childhood was spent in Concord Massachusetts, where her days were enlightned by visits to Ralph Waldo Emerson's library, excursions into nature with Henry David Thoreau and theatricals in the barn at Hillside. Like her character Jo March in Little Women, young Louisa was a tomboy: "No boy could be my friend till I beat him in a race", she claimed, "and no girl if she refused to climb trees, leap fences..."

For Louisa, writing was an early passion. She had a rich imagination and often her stories became melodramas that she and her sisters would act out for friends. Louisa preferred to play the "lurid" parts in these plays, "the villains", ghosts, bandits, and disdainful queens." At age 15, troubled by poverty that plagued her family, she vowed:"I will do something by and by. Don't care what ,teach, sew, act, write, anything to help the family; and be rich and famous and happy before I die , see if I won't!"

Confronting a society that offered little opportunity to women seeking employment, Louisa determined"... I will make a battering-ram of a head and make my way through this rough and tumble world." Whether as a teacher, seamstress, governess, or household servant, for many years Louisa did any work she could find.

What most people know about Louisa May ALcott is only that after some success at writing short stories and well-received novels, she wrote Little Women. It quickly became one of the most beloved books of its time in the late 19th century, was celebrated around the world and is still read today. Louisa's writing came out of necessity to help feed her family.

Louisa was a strong-minded woman who was ahead of her time and far more complex than the portrait of the dainty lady that others remember. Most people don't realize that Louisa was such a prolific writer, often turning out pulp fiction thrillers with plots that included the use of hashish and smoking opium, things that no proper Victorian young lady was suppose to know about. But knew them, she did from a stint at a Washington hospital during the Civil War where desperately injured soldiers underwent amputations without the benefit of ether. "Go nurse the soldiers", had her neighbor said when Louisa had stated "I want something to do."In 1862-1863 Louisa served at the Union Hospital in Georgetown, D.C. during which time she contracted typhoid and was sent home. Louisa was treated with large doses of calomel, a mercury compound and never completely recovered from the cure.

Hope you enjoyed! Erin

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Number 3 in a "mini" series of the rememberence of Louisa May Alcott, pictured here is a photo of "The Orchard House", the very place where Louisa wrote the famous novel "Little women". This house was the family's most permanent home. The novel "Little Women" was written here in 1868 at a "shelf" desk built by her father especially for Louisa. She also set Little Women in this home, causing guests to comment that "a visit to the Orchard House is like walking through the book". The second photo is a photo of Louisa's chamber where she wrote a lot of her work. A room of her very own was a high priority for Louisa. With her often turbulent emotions, her vivid romantic imagination, and her constant proccupation with her family's welfare, she needed a haven in which to escape, where she could find solitude and where she could write.

Louisa's father built her a half moon desk between two windows and a bookcase to hold her favorite books. Her sister May painted a panel of calla lilies beside the desk and an owl on the fireplace. Also I have include a photo of Louisa's sister May's chamber where the youngest of the Alcott daughters, who became the model for Amy March in the novel "Little Women" was a talented artist. Her blue and gray bedroom is the most preserved room in the house to date. It contains sketches of angelic, mythological and biblical figures on the woodwork and doors, original wallpaper, and bracketed shelves to hold flower vases.

- a look at some of Louisa's other novels an more great photo's of her and her surroundings.

Please follow this wonderful journey!

Friday, March 13, 2009


March is recognized as "National Historical Women" month, so I decided to recognize and remember one of my very favorite historical women, Louisa May Alcott. I can remember very well as a young girl reading "Little Women", "Jo's Boy's", and "Eight Cousins", all written by this famous author. I loved Jo and her sisters and I even remember not so long ago seeing the "Little Women" movie. You just can't seem to get enough of them. I have done a little research and in her honor, have decided to do a "mini" series of posts for the next few days of interesting tidbits of her life. I hope you enjoy.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, a very good friend of Louisa's father had a great influence over her. She visited his vast library frequently.Other great historical figures that played a large part in Louisa's life were fellow friends of her father, Margaret Fuller and Nathaniel Hawthorne. Also Henry David Thoreau, whom she went walking through the family orchard with often.

Louisa was the second daughter born to Abigail "Abba" May , a women's suffrage and abolitionist advocate. Louisa's father, Amos Bronson Alcott was a well known trancendentalist philosopher and education and social reformer.Louisa had three sisters, Anna, Elizabeth, and May.

The Orchard House in which her family lived in Concord was surrounded by acres of apple trees and served as the setting for her future novel "Little Women".

The sequels to this famous novel are: "Good Wives", 1869; "Little Men", 1871; and "Jo's Boy's", 1886.

At around the age of fifteen, Louisa began contributing to the family income by holding such positions as teacher, seamstress, and servant which was said to have inspired her later novel "Work: A Story of Experience", written in 1873. While she kept a journal from a very early age, she was always encouraged to write poems, sketches and plays, acted out by her and her sister's.


I have recently discovered some wonderful photographers on flickr and thought I might show off some of their work. Since we are in the midst of Spring, from now thru the end of March, I will be sharing with you some beautiful spring flower photos that these great artists have taken. I will be posting the photos in the top right hand corner of my page under the caption "One Pretty Thing". I will be changing the photos out every few hours, so try to check back often to view these wonderful pictures. You will be amazed! Enjoy!


Thursday, March 12, 2009


Louisa May Alcott

March is Historical Women's Month.I thought it only befitting to shed a little light on and honor one of the many women in our history that brought a lot joy to many a girls childhood, including my own. Remember Jo and her sisters in "Little Women"? What young girl didn't love reading that story?

I will be sharing a little of Louisa's history each day with you for the next few days. I hope you enjoy!

Birthdate: November 29, 1832

Birthplace: Germantown (which is now a part of Philadelphia),Pennsylvania. Her family moved in 1834 to Boston, Mass. and then again in 1840 to Boston.

Date of Death: March 6, 1888, the date of own fathers funeral, of which she was unaware.

Place of Death: Boston, Mass.

Louisa was one of four daughters. Although her fathers association with the Transcendentalists allowed Louisa to grow up in an intellectual and non conventional environment, her own views challenged the transcendental philosophies. Her education served to foster her love and dedication to writing, acting, education and women's rights.Louisa attended a small school in Still River Village and a small classrom located in her family's barn for a short time although most of her early education was received by her father. Writers and family friends such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Nathaniel Hawtorne and Margaret Fuller instructed Louisa throughout her childhood

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I've been spending alot of time lately visiting blogs of all sorts. I consider myself a real newbie at this but I must say, I have been really impressed with some of the blogs I've read. I never realized there were sooo many out there. I have heard that it can become very addicting, and I NOW believe that. I have chosen several blogs to follow and I am sure as I dig deeper into "blog world" that there will be alot more that I come to LOVE! I am a grandmother of two precious little ones( one of which I guess I am more like a mother too since I have had full custody of him since about the age of 1 1/2 and he is 6 now)but I asure you I am a very YOUNG grandmother and have found myself really relating to so many issues that all of you really young mothers out there share. Though I may be a little older than some of you, I find that I truly connect with you on so many levels. Everyone that I have met in this "blog world" has been sooo sweet and welcoming!I want to say thank you and please keep up the wonderful writings that I so enjoy! I too need all the tips and advice that I can get and look forward to visiting all of your sites everyday! I have learned so much already and reading everyones postings makes my day a whole lot brighter! Thank you again, Erin

Monday, March 9, 2009


I woke up yesterday to another warm, sunny ski! Andrew was complaining about being bored five minutes after his feet hit the floor. My step daughter (who is 10) was staying the weekend with us and she was also whining about nothing to do before I could even get breakfast fixed. I had all intentions on spending the day sewing and working on the "Georgi" collection, but soon decided that it would be a shame to be cooped up in the house all day when it was so beautiful outside! After giving it some thought, I decided that it would be a perfect day for the beach!It was really a little too cool to do any swimming, but nice enough to pack a picnic lunch and let the kids play in the sand and maybe wiggle their toes in the surf for a while. Of course it didn't take much to convince Andrew and Jami-Marie into agreeing with me. You would have thought that I just offered to take them to Disney World! They were so excited about the idea of going to the beach that it took them all of about 30 seconds to strip down out of their p.j.'s and pull everything in their way out of the linen closet for beach towels, sunscreen,and the beach bag. Andrew had his swimsuit pulled on before the words "we are NOT swimming" got out of my mouth! I decided to go ahead and let him wear it, as it wasn't any different REALLY than wearing a pair of shorts. Scrambling through the frig, I pulled out apples, oranges, chicken salad (that I had made the night before), and some deli ham. I knew the kids would'nt eat the chicken salad, so made a sandwich with that for myself. I figured I was safe making them each one using the ham. Andrew, in an attempt to hurry things along, pulled some juice boxes and crackers out from the pantry and grabbed a few bananas off the counter. There, we're all done Mimi, he said! Looks good to me I replied as I slathered some mayo on the slices of bread.

Uh oh Mimi! You know what, Andrew asked? No, what?, I asked back. We didn't call and invite Hailee (my 4 year old grandaughter) to go with us, he said. You know, your right, I replied. Let's give her a call and see if she's up for the trip! Andrew grabbed the phone and quickly began dialing his aunt Stephanie's phone number. You guessed it, it took about 5 seconds to talk her into it. Okay, I can do this I thought to myself! No problem! It's only 3 kids. How hard can it be? Well, before we got the phone hung up good, my sister was calling. Whatcha doin?, she asked. Funny you should ask, I said. I was just thinking that it would be a great day for the beach. Andrew and I are packing some lunch, Jami-Marie is packing the towels, and I just got off the telephone with Hailee, who is also now getting ready. Wanna go with us? Well, I would love to, but I have sooo much work to do online today for my class next week (she teaches online classes for a University), but Skylar ( her 14 yr. old son, and my nephew) would probably love to go! All of a sudden I felt like I needed a prozac! In a matter of about ten minutes, a nice little trip to the beach for the day with two kids turned suddenly into a forthcoming stressful trip to the beach with FOUR kids and just ONE me. All I could imagine was a lot of "she's touching me, make her stop touching me" going on in the car. Trying to convince myself that it really wouldn't be that bad, after all, I made a couple more sandwiches, threw a few more drinks into the cooler and packed the car with kids, food, towels, sunscreen and sand toys. It's ONLY a thirty minute trip, I thought. What could possibly happen?

Off we went! Smooth sailing all the way there! No fights, no squabbles, no whining. Wow! It was too good to be true, but yet, there it was, right in front of me, a car load of kids ranging in age from 4 to 14 with NO problems for a whole 30 minutes!
The beach was PACKED! I guess everyone else had the same idea and no sooner did I have the cooler sat down and my chair unfolded, than I look up and where is Andrew? IN the ocean! Not wading, not just wiggling his toes in the surf, but IN the ocean, head and all! OMG! I couldn't believe it (really, I could)! I sent Skylar down to fish his nephew out of the freezing water as I grabbed a towel to dry him off! It's GREAT Mimi! The water's great! Andrew was yelling! It's not cold at all! Come on in Mimi, it's really great! You said it was gonna be cold! Just when Skylar had a good hold of him, Hailee decide to challenge that fact! And she did NOT have a swimsuit on! Meanwhile, Jami Marie had plopped down in the sand and was complaining loudly that she was STARVING and was relentless with the whining about needing a sandwich! What have I done? Yeah, the trip over here was good, but what about now? What about the fact that we have been here less than five minutes and I have two kids that are soaking wet, and one that is thinking she will die of starvation in the next two minutes if she doesn't eat.

Okay! take a deep breath, I told myself! I handed the two little ones each a towel, Jami Marie a sandwich, Skylar the sunscreen (with instructions on slathering it on all the kids), and I sat down in my chair, pulled a book from the beach bag, slapped a hat on my head, and said to them " swim all you want, play in the sand all you want, eat all the food you want, just PLEASE leave me in peace for twenty minutes"! Remarkably, everything went a lot smoother after that. Andrew decided the water WAS too cold after all, Jami-Marie was finally full, and Skylar and Hailee were, believe it or not building a sand castle IN PEACE just a few feet away!

The two little ones slept the whole trip home and the older two played video games!
Will we do this again next weekend? Probably NOT!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hi everyone! I know I was just complaining the other day about it being cold here, but today I can't whine about that! It is 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky here! It finally feels like Spring! Actually it almost feels like Summer! It is sooo hard to be cooped up in the house on a day like this! I sent Andrew outside to play for a while, telling him he needed the fresh air. He responded with "That's not fresh air out there, Mimi, that air is stale"! Well, go on out there in that "stale" air and play for a while, I said! After about 10 minutes he came back inside and told me that it was too hot. Feel all my sweat, he said, pushing back his hair on his forhead! Yeah, well, that sweat is good for you, I said. I would much rather play my Wii inside the fresh air of the house, he said! You have about 1 minute to get back outside, I replied! Well, if you make me go back out there and I die of too much sweat, than you'll be to blame, he said! I'll take my chances, I said!

If I recall, as children, we played outside ALL the time. My mother even has a picture of me as a baby, (probably about 2) in a diaper and nothing else at the TOP of the jungle gym in our back yard! Another picture of me in same attire playing in the dirt with our neighbors little girl and my older brother. In fact most of the pictures from me from back in the day were taken OUTSIDE! We even lived in Florida at that time and it WAS hot! I don't think we even had air conditioning in the house! I think my mom even locked the door to keep us from coming in and out of the house so much! She would keep an eye on us, but would only let us come in to go to the bathroom. If she did that today, the authorities would be contacted by a neighbor and she would be accused of some type of abuse! Boy, times have changed.

I can remember riding my bike to school, walking several blocks alone to a friends house, sitting in the car alone while my mom went into the grocery store. During Halloween, a group of us would even walk for miles (seemed like it anyway) to trick or treat. I don't remember my mom worrying too much about it then. Now, sad as it is, I won't even let Andrew get out of my site for a minute! Would I let him ride his bike alone two blocks away? No way! We even live in a very small town, but these days you just can't be too careful! Did weirdo's just not exist back then, or are there just more of them out there these days?

This means of course, that if I send Andrew outside to play now, guess what? I have to go outside too so some "weirdo" doesn't kidnap him! Not that I mind so much, but it really defeats the purpose of getting some piece and quiet for a little bit while he is outside and I am inside!LOL!! Mom knew what she was doing!!!

Your right Andrew, it IS too hot out here! Lets go inside!!

Happy Weekend Everyone! Erin

Friday, March 6, 2009


OKAY GIRLS, I have decided to run a sale in my Etsy shop today thru Sunday! ALL hair accessories are 25% off, the "Giddy UP GIRL" and the " VVVRRROOOMMM VACATION" outfits are both marked down to an AMAZING $14.00! Even the "WYNDHAM" AND THE "RACING FOR THE FINISH LINE" outfits are marked down to $24.00 ea. for this weekend sale! Don't wait, get on over to my shop at Etsy and SHOP!!!! All shipping is free with purchases $25.00 and over also!! Don't miss out! This sale is too good to pass up and will end at 12:00 midnight on Sunday!! Spring has made me feel a little giddy, I guess, so it is to your advantage! Happy Shopping!!


Thursday, March 5, 2009


Remember that New Years resolution? You know, the one where you swore that you were going to join the gym, lose 10 pounds, eat healthier, drink more water, etc...? Well, I haven't exactly forgotten mine, just kind of keep putting it off! I'm just too darn tired, I keep telling myself! Too tired for the going to the gym part, that is! I have yet to figure out WHY though! I don't do anything to BE tired! I SIT at the computer, I SIT at the sewing machine, I SIT while watching Andrew at Karate lessons, I SIT while on the phone, I SIT while driving, I SIT, I SIT, I SIT! Well, no, that's not COMPLETLY true! I do STAND while in the shower. But, I am TIRED of SITTING!! AH HAH!! (light bulb shining over my head),I think I know the problem! I am sooo tired BECAUSE of the sitting! Get off your lazy, always sittin, whining because your so tired rear end and MOVE, I tell myself!!! I am TIRED of being TIRED!

Okay, so I get my sweats on, put on my New Balance's, set the tunes on my ipod to " Life is a Highway" by Rascal Flatts (Andrew must have had this last)and strike out down the road. I am on a mission!! I figure out my route, the distance, and get movin! With nothing but determination behind me(and a little too much hips)I get to the end of the first block. Not so bad, I tell myself, this is a piece of cake. Why haven't I done this before now? I've GOTTA change this music though! It's killin me! O.K., Now we're talkin. Nothin like a little Aretha Franklin to get your butt movin!!
Two blocks now, still goin strong, and o.h, did I mention, LOOKIN GOOD too? Oh Yeah! You know I got my make up on, lipstck and ALL! Fixed my hair real cute just before hittin the road and I think I even sprayed on some cologne! A girl's gotta look good ya know! You never know who you might run into!!LOL!! So far, so good! Workin up a little sweat, oh yeah! That's what I'm talkin about!

I start walkin faster, swingin my arms, and begining to think I'm a real athlete after all! Heck, I might even try out for the Olympics in 2012! You know, in the speed walkin competition! What? they don't have that? The NERVE of them! Well, maybe they SHOULD!! I'll write a letter as soon as I get home! Ok, I'm comin up on the 6th, or is it the 7th, block! Are those shin splints I feel in the front lower part of my legs? Naw! Couldn't be. I haven't done anything strenous enough to get THOSE! Darn it hurts though! Shake it off girl! You CAN do this! Just keep pluggin along! I turn Aretha up a little louder. Maybe I won't feel my legs hurtin too bad if the music is louder! Quick, smile and wave! There's that CUTE single guy that just moved into the Wainright's old place! Oh yeah, he saw me! AND smiled back! I knew I put that makeup on for a reason! My legs are startin to feel a little better now. They must've just need to loosen up a little! Turning the next corner, the road starts heading up hill! This is NOT the time to break into a jog! Maybe I SHOULD though because Carlton's dog is headed this way, barking and growling! Hi there Buddy! How ya been? good dog, good dog! OMG! He isn't being friendly today!I guess he doesn't recognize me in sweat clothes! Come on Buddy, it's me! Erin! You know, your neighbor, good boy!! Buddy is hot on my heels now, I have NO choice but to RUN! NOT JOG, BUT RUN like H_LL! Okay! my legs start hurting again! I am panting, gasping for breath, and tripping on my shoe laces. I can't stop, Buddy is still chasing me! My house is another 3 blocks away! I can't make it. D__mn, I should have brought my water bottle! Not just for the water, but for amunition!! Wonder if throwing my ipod at him would work? Better not! Probably just make him madder! I kick it into overdrive, hoping he will give up. Guess what? He DOESN"T! Just one more block, just one more block, I keep telling myself! By the way, Where is everyone? On any other afternoon, every neighbor within the surrounding mile and a half would be out walking, riding bikes, etc...! Oh no, not today! Today there isn't ANYONE out! Figures!!! I reach my driveway, head to the garage door and grab the rake laying in the yard. Turning around, I notice Buddy is gone! I think I am gonna pass out! Water, I need water! I walk to the hose and turn the faucet on. Wham! I am knocked to the ground! Buddy! as I roll over, I grab for the rake again! What is that? He is LICKING my face! NOT barking, NOT growling, but LICKING my face! I can't help but laugh! No make that HOWL!! I just about killed myself trying to get away from this dog, and here he is LICKING me and wagging his tail! D_mn you Buddy!

I wonder if it's too late to join that gym? Outdoors exercise is NOT for me!

Hope that made you smile! HAd to share it with you!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


It's finally here! Hump day that is! At least that's what us SOUTHERNERS refer to as Wednesday! You know, the MIDDLE of the week! Maybe EVERYONE uses that term, I dunno!! Anyway, it's here and it's still cold outside. Suppose to start warming up a bit tommorrow, I think! I never know how to dress anymore when I get up in the morning! At least the sun is out!!! Remember me telling you all about Andrew and his "rock star" career that he was wanting to start? Well, last night I found him crying on his bed and when I asked him what was wrong, he mumbled " I don't have any fans yet" (I am assuming he meant rock n roll fans)! I tried hard not to laugh, and managed pretty well, but he caught me grinning a little! Can you believe it?? He was ACTUALLY crying because of this! I think he is taking this "wanting to start a band" thing REALLY SERIOUS!!! I had no idea just HOW serious until then! I patted him on the back and explained (what do ya say, anyway??) that he is only 6 years old and it takes even the biggest rock stars a while to develop a good fan base!!! He seemed pretty happy with that explanation and decided a popsicle might make him feel ALOT better! Whew!! Slid through that one pretty easy!

If I haven't told you yet, Andrew is actually my grandson, but I have had custody of him since he was about 1 1/2. I had two girls, so this boy stuff (especially this late in my life) is a whole new ball game! I must say though that it has been alot of fun and somewhat easier(although he hasn't hit those teenage years yet!!)so far. I have had him enrolled in sports ever since he was 3 and he LOVES all of them. I have spent NUMEROUS Saturdays cheering him on while he has played T-ball, soccer and now, this year, flag football! Oh, and lets not forget Karate, which he has been taking for about a month now! This Karate stuff has been pretty good though, now that he kicks and chops the punching bag in class instead of the furniture at home!LOL!! My sister's youngest son, who is 14 ( and more like Andrew's brother) has been taking kickboxing for a while and wanted Andrew to try it, so off we went to enroll!

I think T-ball starts again soon too, so I better get my cheerleading gear out of the closet and dust it off! Isn't it ALWAYS SOMETHING??? My car has a taxi light on top, doesn't yours?

Back to the dining room, uh, I mean the "studio" again for some more sewing!!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Okay, I realize that I live in the South, and we don't have it near as bad as those of you that live in the North or Mid West, but to US , it has been COLD!! No we don't have the snow, and no we don't have the ice, but we are used to wearing fip flops and shorts most of the year, so when we have to lug out even a windbreaker from the closet, we get depressed! Just when I thought that Spring had Sprung, WHAM!! We were hit with another cold snap! I am SOOOO ready to break out my warm weather clothes! It IS March, after all!! I know, I know, all of you that are snowed in right know are REALLY feeling for me! LOL!!! If it makes you feel any better, I DO hope that YOU also get warm weather soon!!!

It's really hard working on the Spring collection when it is 30 degrees outside! While I'm all bundled up (hubby thinks our house is a meat locker, I think) in a sweater, I am cutting out and sewing together shorts and sundresses!! I guess I could wear a pair of sun glasses, lather on some sunscreen and play some hula music to make it more authentic!! Naw!! My family would think I had lost my mind!! If they haven't ALREADY!!!

The "Wyndham"collection is coming together (slowy but surely) and I even had a chance to work a little on the "Gator Tails" and "Pirates Treasure"collections last night! They are turning out SOOO cute!! Hailee, my 4 1/2 year old grandaughter, who by the way is ALWAYS in everyone elses business, loves to come into my sewing studio ( really it's just my dining room, but it IS a FORMAL one, so I call it my "studio" cause it sounds more professional. LOL!!) and wrap herself up in fabric and pretend that she is Cinderella, Ariel, or Snow White! It really is cute, but oh does she ever make a mess with everything!! No doors on my "studio" makes it hard to keep little, sticky fingers out! She DOES make for a great "model" to adjust sizes on though!!

I spent most of this morning catching up on e-mails and orders from yesterday, but I did take some time to visit a few other blog sites ( which, by the way, I was very impressed with)to see what was going on. I actually joined a couple that I thought I might like and it was fun to read about other women's drama for a change! Picked up some great tips and made some new friends also! Someone told me once that this is VERY addicting! I NOW believe them!

Have a HAPPY day!!! Erin

Monday, March 2, 2009


Here I am, Monday morning, thinking about the two days that just past! Wasn't that the WEEKEND? Well, technically I had only ONE day off since I worked Sat. but Sunday seemed as though there were only two hours in the day! Okay, I'm telling myself to quit whinning and get over it, but I will allow myself a few more minutes of depression! Okay, enoughs enough!!

Not much of anything exciting happened the last couple of days unless you want to consider the part where Andrew (my 6 yr. old grandson) decided that he was starting his own "Rock Band" LOL!!! The seriousness of it was hilarious! Down to the moment he asked me how to find a website that sold "stage lighting"!! We all got a good laugh and it made the day a little brighter watching him as he sang along (loudly) to "Rascal Flatts" and thinking he was a BIG star! Oh, to be that age again!!! I DID think about making that SUPER WOMAN t-shirt, but thats about as far as I got with that idea! I convinced myself to stay focused on working on the Spring collection for Georgikids and I actually finished a few pieces! Woo Hoo!!! Taking great photos of my work has been a challenge for me though! The light never seems right somehow! I bet I took 20 shots of one item before giving up finally! I WILL get it right, I keep telling myself! But after adjusting and re-adjusting, it doesn't get any better! I think I need to study up on the subject of photo taking!!

Today I am determined to get down to work and stay focused at the tasks at hand, which is once again working on my Spring collection! I guess I will try to finish the "Wyndham" line, which I worked on yesterday! It is turning out sooo cute! I HAVE to finish these pieces and get them posted! I have given myself a deadline that I am determined to meet so I HAVE to stay on track! Like the little engine that could, I will keep telling myself - I THINK I CAN - I THINK I CAN - I THINK I CAN!!!!

Spring is among us, It is MARCH already!! Let me get sewing!!!