Saturday, February 28, 2009


Here I am , trying to figure all of this blogging stuff out, and after reading some of the other blogs on this site (which I loved, by the way) I am feeling like an amateur at this! I HAVE finally figured out to download pictures, and will eventually (I hope) figure out the rest! In the mean time, I guess, I just hope that everyone enjoys my day to day adventures and maybe get a laugh or two!
I am working REALLY hard at getting my Georgikids Spring collection ready and I hope that it will all come together without TOO much of a hitch! I am sooo excited about the collections which will include "Bunny Lane", "Dahlia Blooms", "Wyndham", "Very Cherry", "Pink Lemonade", and "Polka Dot Party" (for the girls) and " Gator Tales", "Pirates Treasure", "Monkey Business", "Lil Sea Creatures", "All Hands On Deck", and "Bunny Lane" (for the boys). It has been CRAZY around my house lately with all of this going on and my dining room (my sewing studio for now) looks like a tornado has passed through recently, but as of yesterday, my bathrooms have been scrubbed clean, my carpets vacuumed, my furniture dusted, and the laundry caught up, so all in all I don't guess things are TOO bad!LOL!!! Oh yeah, and I have even squeezed in a game of "Go Fish" with my grandson!
Hang in there girl, I keep telling myself! Life will be back to normal soon! NORMAL? Whats NORMAL? Well, as close to NORMAL as it can get, I guess!!
Hope everyone has a GREAT day! Now, back to the dining room to wrestle the tornado!LOL!!!

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