Thursday, May 21, 2009

If you are like me, and probably alot of other mom's out there, there is a good chance your kids have clothing that they have either out grown or just don't wear any more, for one reason or another. If this is the case, than check this out!

There are numerous creative ways to turn no longer used items into new and fun things that are once again useful, in other words----RECYCLE that old tank top, pair of jeans, or tee shirt!! Here are a couple of great ideas to get you started......

Take an old tank top (see picture above) and cut a small slit in hem. Insert a ribbon and run it through the hem casing until it comes back out of the slit (this is MUCH easier if you attach a safety pin to the end of the ribbon and then push the pin through casing, as it will automatically pull ribbon through). This will make a "drawstring". Tie the two ends of the ribbon together, pulling the bottom of the tank top closed. Voila!! You now have a cute tote bag. The arm holes are used as "handles".

Now, those old jeans that your daughter claims are too short..... well, cut them off into shorts or even capri's and add some cute fringe to hem or jazz them up a bit with a little "bling" by adding rhinestones on the pockets. Use your imagination, and you can come up with all sorts of ingenious ideas to recycle those old, unwanted pieces of clothing and your kids will think they have something "brand new".

Have fun!


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