Monday, March 2, 2009


Here I am, Monday morning, thinking about the two days that just past! Wasn't that the WEEKEND? Well, technically I had only ONE day off since I worked Sat. but Sunday seemed as though there were only two hours in the day! Okay, I'm telling myself to quit whinning and get over it, but I will allow myself a few more minutes of depression! Okay, enoughs enough!!

Not much of anything exciting happened the last couple of days unless you want to consider the part where Andrew (my 6 yr. old grandson) decided that he was starting his own "Rock Band" LOL!!! The seriousness of it was hilarious! Down to the moment he asked me how to find a website that sold "stage lighting"!! We all got a good laugh and it made the day a little brighter watching him as he sang along (loudly) to "Rascal Flatts" and thinking he was a BIG star! Oh, to be that age again!!! I DID think about making that SUPER WOMAN t-shirt, but thats about as far as I got with that idea! I convinced myself to stay focused on working on the Spring collection for Georgikids and I actually finished a few pieces! Woo Hoo!!! Taking great photos of my work has been a challenge for me though! The light never seems right somehow! I bet I took 20 shots of one item before giving up finally! I WILL get it right, I keep telling myself! But after adjusting and re-adjusting, it doesn't get any better! I think I need to study up on the subject of photo taking!!

Today I am determined to get down to work and stay focused at the tasks at hand, which is once again working on my Spring collection! I guess I will try to finish the "Wyndham" line, which I worked on yesterday! It is turning out sooo cute! I HAVE to finish these pieces and get them posted! I have given myself a deadline that I am determined to meet so I HAVE to stay on track! Like the little engine that could, I will keep telling myself - I THINK I CAN - I THINK I CAN - I THINK I CAN!!!!

Spring is among us, It is MARCH already!! Let me get sewing!!!

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