Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Earth Day is becoming more and more recognized these days and I think that it's a good thing. Maybe we should consider making it a National Holiday that is a mandatory "day off from work" day. Yep, I think that our world, and at least our country would be better off if we all took a day off once a year and planted a tree, cleaned up litter in our community, or volunteered with a local organization to better our eco system for ONE day. Just think about all the newspapers and magazines we read and throw in the garbage, or all of the sodas and water we drink from plastic bottles that we toss away. Well, take a look at these wonderful (not to mention, fashionable) purses. Guess what? They are made from old rolled up recycled newspapers! That's right, and aren't they beautiful? Green Veranda, an online store that focuses on products that are made from recycled newspaper specializes in trendy, fashionable, stylish purses. However, they also carry many other wonderful items made from the same products. Each item is handmade and often takes the designer 1 to 2 full days per purse, making each one unique. The products offered are designed by Green Veranda in conjunction with a co-op of 32 women located in Brazil. They believe in the global supply chain and say that it's usually the laborer's physically making the products that are paid the least. With a strong belief and involvement in the "fair trade act", they make sure the producers recieve a fair percentage of the total.
Every item that you see at Green Veranda is Eco-Friendly and is guranteed to change the life of someone. For every item sold, Green Veranda will plant a tree in the USA. In addition, you have the option of selecting a non-profit organization which will recieve 10% of their profits for the sale.
Green Veranda was created out of a life long dream of one very special woman to do something about the social and environmental condition of our planet. The founder, Denise Marques,realized that she was not alone in her purpose. Thus, the birth of her company which is based on principles such as Saving Our Planet, Fair Trade, and Giving Back.

It takes a brave person to to truly realize that our world needs a change. It also takes a brave person to act and make a difference.

It's your choice.

Let's do it together! Choose Green Veranda! Choose Green for life! And still show off your good taste!

Denise Marques

Please go check out Green Veranda at You will be utterly amazed at the handwork of the wonderfully talented women of Brazil.

Happy Earth Day!!!!



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  2. I love your commitment to making Earth a better place for all.

    Happy Earth Day!