Monday, April 6, 2009


This has got to be one of the cutest Easter mean buckets that I have ever seen! It's hard to believe that it was just a plain ole galvanized metal paint pail not too long ago. With a little sprucing up, look what it has become? And of course, you can do it in any color you want (maybe blue or green or even yellow would be sooo cute).

Here's how you do it:

You need:

Paint pail (available at any hardware or craft store)
White primer paint (spray, that's made for metal)
Pink (or whatever color you like) spray paint
large and small round stickers (available at any craft store)
Fine-detail paintbrush

1) spray bucket, inside and out, with primer. To avoid drips, several thin coats is best. Note: Make sure the white primer is even because this color is going to show up as the "dots" later after the stickers are removed. Allow primer to dry thoroughly (overnight is ideal).

2)Place large and small stickers all over bucket in pattern that you want or just random. Make sure that you place a few to overlap the bucket edge. Firmly press them down around sticker edges to prevent the other pink paint from bleeding underneath.

3)Spray pail with pink paint, being careful not to over spray and cause drips. Applying multiple thin coats is best. Allow to dry thoroughly.

4)Carefully remove the stickers. If paint has bled underneath the stickers, spray a bit of white primer paint onto a paper plate (or anything disposable) and touch up streaks or spots with fine-detail brush.

Now, all you have to do is use your imagination! Tie some pretty ribbon onto handle ( I like the look of several streamers of ribbon tied onto handle at the base on both sides so the streamers "run" down the sides of the pail) or make some cute ribbon bows like in picture out of wired ribbon and attach to handle. Hot gluing some cute ribbon around the top edge of the pail or rick rack would be really adorable too. You can pretty much decorate however you like. Next just add some good ole fashion Easter grass in your choice of color and of course some goodies and there you have it! One sweet Easter Bucket!!

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  1. very fun fashions! keep up the great work! thanks for your comment on my site! if you ever have anything you would like me to post about or a giveaway email me toni(at)designdazzle(dot)com. thanks

  2. That is WAYYYYY cute! i love this idea!! ♥