Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Lets face it, most of us, especially those of us that are, say, over the age of 40, DO NOT belong on ANY beach in a bikini! Me, personally.....well lets just say my body needs a little time at the gym....lets rephrase that....a LOT of time at the gym before I would feel comfortable leaving the four walls of my bedroom in even a one piece swimsuit.

Take the cute designs here, for example. See that adorable little blue two piece one there with the ruffles across the butt? Well, I don't know about you, but the LAST thing that my butt needs is more attention! And it certainly does NOT need any added accessories such as ruffles for god sake!! Don't get me wrong, its really cute alright, but do ANY of us really want to draw more attention to our derriere? And lets not forget the cute little price tag that goes with all those ruffles. The top alone is $88.00, and those little ruffled "Ava Gardner" bottoms, well they will set you back another $98.00 alone! Now take a good look at that cute little polka dot two piece there. Yes, it's quite fashionable. Yes, it would look great on someone about 110 pounds with NO cellulite and great abbs, but get has a price tag of $380.00!!! Yep, that's right girls, that's 380 smackaroo's!! For me to justify to myself, not to mention to my husband spending that kind of money on that small of an amount of fabric, I would have to have the body of...lets say......CENTERFOLD quality!!! Moving right along..... we now come to the black and white striped one piece beauty there. Now THAT one I really like. Yeah, back 20 years or so ago, I would sport one of those cute little bikini's that were small enough to have made out of a hankie, but even then, my butt didn't need to be emphasized by ruffles!! Now days, after having two children, becoming a grandmother, a YOUNG grandmother, but a grandmother non the less, my body would laugh histarically at me if I even thought about a bikini. This little black and white number, however, I think I could pull off. It is very classy, has just the right amount of conservativeness, yet would be flattering to most any figure. Yes, it is still a little pricey (to my standards anyway) at $177.00, but considering the price of the other two, it is not so bad, not to mention that you get a little more fabric for your money with this one!! Now the pretty green one here is, I guess the most conservative one in the bunch, yet is very fashionable and another one that I would consider wearing out in public these days. The price tag on this one is right up my alley too, with it running only $88.00. Isn't it amazing that the ones with the LEAST amount of fabric cost MORE than the ones with MORE??? Oh, and did I mention that this particular bathing beauty is sold at "J. Crew" ? HMMMM!! Wonder if we will see our First Lady, Mrs. Obama sporting this one this summer??


  1. Hi Erin, I was about to drop by to give you the aw-summm award but you went to my blog first!!!
    So, here's another award for you!!

  2. Love the green suit!! that one is ReALLY cute! i love j crew bathing suits!!

  3. Erin,
    Winter is this girl's best friend! Cuddly sweaters that hide a multiple of sins of the flesh...sigh to be young and 115 pounds again. At least it is good to know I am not alone. Hope you are well, just popped over to say hi. ~Cathy~