Thursday, April 16, 2009


Aren't these so cool? I came across these in Parents Magazine and had to share. As stated in the article, as long as there is is school boredom and pens exist, kids will doodle on anything within reach. One shoe company, thankfully has been paying attention to that fact. Graffeeti Sneakers are kicks that can be drawn on... again and again. Available in low cut or high top style and many different styles, they feature three dry-erasable areas (one on each side and one on the toe) where kids can "channel" their inner artiste, as well as a holster for one of the six colored pens that come with the shoes. What's even cooler is that the pens are specially formulated so the artwork comes off with a simple swipe of the hand and the ink won't stain skin.

The two geniuses behind this concept are civil engineers for the city of Roseville, California, with no background in in fashion or children's apparel whatsoever. They came up with the idea from working with dry erase boards, tossing out too many of their own kid's shoes and being lifelong shoe doodlers themselves. Another great incentive to purchasing a pair of these adorable and fun sneakers are that a percentage of your purchase goes to children's charities. To purchase a pair for your little doodler, go to Cost for a pair is $41.00 for high tops, and $39.00 for low tops. Oh, and get this... backpacks are now availble with this company using this same concept. What fun! Wish they had them in adult sizes too!!
I know Andrew and Hailee will be begging for a pair.



  1. Very cool! I wish they come in adult sizes too!

  2. Now why didn't I think of that?????

  3. They do come in ADULT sizes!!!
    check it out on the website..

  4. Buyer beware she'll take your money and run. She WAS on Etsy, and she deleted her account along with her email. I purchased 3 outfits back on JULY 13, its now October and I can't get her to respond. She has not sent the items nor has she refunded my money. She has done this to 3 other people that I know if on Etsy.