Friday, April 17, 2009


If your like me, you love wonderful smelling and skin silkening bath soaps. Even though most of us mama's rarely have the opportunity to indulge ourselves with an hour of our very own to relax in a nice hot tub without the bathroom door being continuously banged on with a little voice on the other side crying out.....mommy, what are you doing?, I'm thirsty, can I come in?, I can't find my get the picture, We do want the little time that we do have to be as enjoyable as possible. Well, a very good friend of mine, Johnette, over at FlintRiver Soaps makes the most luxurious, skin softening, glorious smelling bath goodies and is kind enough to have sent me a few to try out. Each one is cold pressed and handcrafted to make the most of your bathing experience. They ALL smell wonderful and I can truly say that I love the way they make my skin feel. The Fromme Pear is lightly fruity and fresh smelling and is one of my favorites. I also love the Lime in D Coconut scented one. It turns your bath into a "tropical experience". All you need is a Pina' Colada in your hand, some good beach music playing, and you will be transformed to the Caribbean while in your bath tub. I must say that I was hesitant to try the Banana Pudding soap she sent me for fear my hubby would take one smell of it and be chasing me around the house with a spoon and a can of whipped cream!LOL! Being a southern girl though and loving banana pudding, I had to try it. It was so dreamy feeling and the fragrance was incredible, with a very subtle smell of banana, and it felt wonderful on my skin. I have to admit I was surprised, but pleasantly with that one. I have since visited her etsy shop and have picked out several other luxurious soaps that I want to order. If you haven't visited FlintRiver Soaps over on Etsy, please do. You will find a treasure of yummy scented soaps to choose from and Johnette is offering a buy 3 bars, get 1 bar free special this month, so I hope you will stop by her shop and pick some up for yourself, a friend, or as a gift for someone special. I promise you won't be disappointed!




  1. WOW Erin I am so honored! Thank you so much for featuring my etsy shop on your blog!! You are the best! Hugs, Johnette