Monday, April 6, 2009


Everone loves those sweet and chewy "rice krispy treats" and how fun and easy is this? Whip up that recipe as usual (posted on the box of rice krispies, or I will be happy to e-mail to you) then stuff mixture into those little plastic eggs that are ALL OVER your house this time of year! They mold great into that egg shape and the kids will LOVE them! One recipe goes a long way too, so you can have plenty on hand for friends. TIP: Use food coloring if you like to dye the treats pastel colors. Just a few drops in the mixture while making will do the trick!




  1. Hi! Just read your comment- what a great blog you have- I LOVE the easter egg rice krispy treat idea:)

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  2. What a great idea. I think I will divide the Rice Krispy mixture and use the pastel food coloring. Thanks for sharing and stopping by.

  3. what a great idea! i hadn't seen this before. i think my kids will enjoy making these, and eating them! and they will be cute too!!! thanks