Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This Easter, take hard boiled eggs to a whole new height by embellishing them with lacy patterns. Once the eggs are dyed and dry, pile them in a large bowl to use them as a centerpiece.

I came across this tip on egg dying and thought the lacy pattern was so sweet. They are so easy to make that I wanted to share the idea with everyone. I just love new ideas on decorating for Easter, and will be posting new discoveries all week long for you to enjoy.


Standard egg dye
Rubber bands
Inexpensive lace trimmings or scraps from an old tablecloth or worn curtains
Foam board fitted with flat head pins


1) Cut lace into strips long enough to wrap around eggs and still have enough
extra to form a sash for holding.

2) Wrap eggs, securing lace with rubber bands. Dye eggs according to dye package instructions. Lift out, cut off rubber bands, and unwrap lace. Let dry on foambaord fitted with flathead pins. (Lay eggs on top of pins)

Enjoy decorating with these pretty eggs and use your imagination with colors. I think blue and pink ones mixed would be really sweet or maybe throw in some yellow ones for a splash of sunshine. Let me know how yours turned out!!


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