Wednesday, March 4, 2009


It's finally here! Hump day that is! At least that's what us SOUTHERNERS refer to as Wednesday! You know, the MIDDLE of the week! Maybe EVERYONE uses that term, I dunno!! Anyway, it's here and it's still cold outside. Suppose to start warming up a bit tommorrow, I think! I never know how to dress anymore when I get up in the morning! At least the sun is out!!! Remember me telling you all about Andrew and his "rock star" career that he was wanting to start? Well, last night I found him crying on his bed and when I asked him what was wrong, he mumbled " I don't have any fans yet" (I am assuming he meant rock n roll fans)! I tried hard not to laugh, and managed pretty well, but he caught me grinning a little! Can you believe it?? He was ACTUALLY crying because of this! I think he is taking this "wanting to start a band" thing REALLY SERIOUS!!! I had no idea just HOW serious until then! I patted him on the back and explained (what do ya say, anyway??) that he is only 6 years old and it takes even the biggest rock stars a while to develop a good fan base!!! He seemed pretty happy with that explanation and decided a popsicle might make him feel ALOT better! Whew!! Slid through that one pretty easy!

If I haven't told you yet, Andrew is actually my grandson, but I have had custody of him since he was about 1 1/2. I had two girls, so this boy stuff (especially this late in my life) is a whole new ball game! I must say though that it has been alot of fun and somewhat easier(although he hasn't hit those teenage years yet!!)so far. I have had him enrolled in sports ever since he was 3 and he LOVES all of them. I have spent NUMEROUS Saturdays cheering him on while he has played T-ball, soccer and now, this year, flag football! Oh, and lets not forget Karate, which he has been taking for about a month now! This Karate stuff has been pretty good though, now that he kicks and chops the punching bag in class instead of the furniture at home!LOL!! My sister's youngest son, who is 14 ( and more like Andrew's brother) has been taking kickboxing for a while and wanted Andrew to try it, so off we went to enroll!

I think T-ball starts again soon too, so I better get my cheerleading gear out of the closet and dust it off! Isn't it ALWAYS SOMETHING??? My car has a taxi light on top, doesn't yours?

Back to the dining room, uh, I mean the "studio" again for some more sewing!!



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