Saturday, March 14, 2009


Number 3 in a "mini" series of the rememberence of Louisa May Alcott, pictured here is a photo of "The Orchard House", the very place where Louisa wrote the famous novel "Little women". This house was the family's most permanent home. The novel "Little Women" was written here in 1868 at a "shelf" desk built by her father especially for Louisa. She also set Little Women in this home, causing guests to comment that "a visit to the Orchard House is like walking through the book". The second photo is a photo of Louisa's chamber where she wrote a lot of her work. A room of her very own was a high priority for Louisa. With her often turbulent emotions, her vivid romantic imagination, and her constant proccupation with her family's welfare, she needed a haven in which to escape, where she could find solitude and where she could write.

Louisa's father built her a half moon desk between two windows and a bookcase to hold her favorite books. Her sister May painted a panel of calla lilies beside the desk and an owl on the fireplace. Also I have include a photo of Louisa's sister May's chamber where the youngest of the Alcott daughters, who became the model for Amy March in the novel "Little Women" was a talented artist. Her blue and gray bedroom is the most preserved room in the house to date. It contains sketches of angelic, mythological and biblical figures on the woodwork and doors, original wallpaper, and bracketed shelves to hold flower vases.

- a look at some of Louisa's other novels an more great photo's of her and her surroundings.

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