Monday, March 30, 2009


We all seem to be getting our "GREEN" on these days and with Easter approaching, we can even find some fun ways to include earth friendly crafts into our holiday projects.

Here is an ingenious way to recycle wrapping, construction or craft paper. Feed leftover sheets into a shredder for colorful strips to use as grass in a basket. Desktop paper shredders can be found in office-supply stores. To transform flat strips into spirals, crumple them in your hands, or curl with scissors. Feed the short side of rolled up paper through shredder to retain the curl!

The little ones can even take part in this project by helping cut (with safety scissors) or crumple paper with their hands. Just make sure to keep their tiny fingers away from the shredder.



**All recipes and projects are courtesey of Martha Stewart Living Magazine**

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  1. This is very creative. My sis teaches in a pre-school and she loves the idea. Thanks.