Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hi everyone! I know I was just complaining the other day about it being cold here, but today I can't whine about that! It is 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky here! It finally feels like Spring! Actually it almost feels like Summer! It is sooo hard to be cooped up in the house on a day like this! I sent Andrew outside to play for a while, telling him he needed the fresh air. He responded with "That's not fresh air out there, Mimi, that air is stale"! Well, go on out there in that "stale" air and play for a while, I said! After about 10 minutes he came back inside and told me that it was too hot. Feel all my sweat, he said, pushing back his hair on his forhead! Yeah, well, that sweat is good for you, I said. I would much rather play my Wii inside the fresh air of the house, he said! You have about 1 minute to get back outside, I replied! Well, if you make me go back out there and I die of too much sweat, than you'll be to blame, he said! I'll take my chances, I said!

If I recall, as children, we played outside ALL the time. My mother even has a picture of me as a baby, (probably about 2) in a diaper and nothing else at the TOP of the jungle gym in our back yard! Another picture of me in same attire playing in the dirt with our neighbors little girl and my older brother. In fact most of the pictures from me from back in the day were taken OUTSIDE! We even lived in Florida at that time and it WAS hot! I don't think we even had air conditioning in the house! I think my mom even locked the door to keep us from coming in and out of the house so much! She would keep an eye on us, but would only let us come in to go to the bathroom. If she did that today, the authorities would be contacted by a neighbor and she would be accused of some type of abuse! Boy, times have changed.

I can remember riding my bike to school, walking several blocks alone to a friends house, sitting in the car alone while my mom went into the grocery store. During Halloween, a group of us would even walk for miles (seemed like it anyway) to trick or treat. I don't remember my mom worrying too much about it then. Now, sad as it is, I won't even let Andrew get out of my site for a minute! Would I let him ride his bike alone two blocks away? No way! We even live in a very small town, but these days you just can't be too careful! Did weirdo's just not exist back then, or are there just more of them out there these days?

This means of course, that if I send Andrew outside to play now, guess what? I have to go outside too so some "weirdo" doesn't kidnap him! Not that I mind so much, but it really defeats the purpose of getting some piece and quiet for a little bit while he is outside and I am inside!LOL!! Mom knew what she was doing!!!

Your right Andrew, it IS too hot out here! Lets go inside!!

Happy Weekend Everyone! Erin

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  1. It's a sweltering 38 degrees celcius over here in my country.