Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I've been spending alot of time lately visiting blogs of all sorts. I consider myself a real newbie at this but I must say, I have been really impressed with some of the blogs I've read. I never realized there were sooo many out there. I have heard that it can become very addicting, and I NOW believe that. I have chosen several blogs to follow and I am sure as I dig deeper into "blog world" that there will be alot more that I come to LOVE! I am a grandmother of two precious little ones( one of which I guess I am more like a mother too since I have had full custody of him since about the age of 1 1/2 and he is 6 now)but I asure you I am a very YOUNG grandmother and have found myself really relating to so many issues that all of you really young mothers out there share. Though I may be a little older than some of you, I find that I truly connect with you on so many levels. Everyone that I have met in this "blog world" has been sooo sweet and welcoming!I want to say thank you and please keep up the wonderful writings that I so enjoy! I too need all the tips and advice that I can get and look forward to visiting all of your sites everyday! I have learned so much already and reading everyones postings makes my day a whole lot brighter! Thank you again, Erin


  1. It is interesting how you say that you are learning things all over again. Sometimes I get advice from my mom or mother in law and I tell them times are different than they were back then. I used to play in our yard with no supervision, no fence, right off of a main road! My sons, are not allowed outside our fenced in yard with out me. There is more awareness of the danger out there and kids in general are different.
    The one advice I can give you which will NEVER change is LOVE. Love and hug him no matter what, unconditionally! That I'm sure will never change.
    God bless you bringing up another generation!

  2. I enjoy stopping by at your blog. I can't believe you're a grandma already. That's soooo cool!