Thursday, March 5, 2009


Remember that New Years resolution? You know, the one where you swore that you were going to join the gym, lose 10 pounds, eat healthier, drink more water, etc...? Well, I haven't exactly forgotten mine, just kind of keep putting it off! I'm just too darn tired, I keep telling myself! Too tired for the going to the gym part, that is! I have yet to figure out WHY though! I don't do anything to BE tired! I SIT at the computer, I SIT at the sewing machine, I SIT while watching Andrew at Karate lessons, I SIT while on the phone, I SIT while driving, I SIT, I SIT, I SIT! Well, no, that's not COMPLETLY true! I do STAND while in the shower. But, I am TIRED of SITTING!! AH HAH!! (light bulb shining over my head),I think I know the problem! I am sooo tired BECAUSE of the sitting! Get off your lazy, always sittin, whining because your so tired rear end and MOVE, I tell myself!!! I am TIRED of being TIRED!

Okay, so I get my sweats on, put on my New Balance's, set the tunes on my ipod to " Life is a Highway" by Rascal Flatts (Andrew must have had this last)and strike out down the road. I am on a mission!! I figure out my route, the distance, and get movin! With nothing but determination behind me(and a little too much hips)I get to the end of the first block. Not so bad, I tell myself, this is a piece of cake. Why haven't I done this before now? I've GOTTA change this music though! It's killin me! O.K., Now we're talkin. Nothin like a little Aretha Franklin to get your butt movin!!
Two blocks now, still goin strong, and o.h, did I mention, LOOKIN GOOD too? Oh Yeah! You know I got my make up on, lipstck and ALL! Fixed my hair real cute just before hittin the road and I think I even sprayed on some cologne! A girl's gotta look good ya know! You never know who you might run into!!LOL!! So far, so good! Workin up a little sweat, oh yeah! That's what I'm talkin about!

I start walkin faster, swingin my arms, and begining to think I'm a real athlete after all! Heck, I might even try out for the Olympics in 2012! You know, in the speed walkin competition! What? they don't have that? The NERVE of them! Well, maybe they SHOULD!! I'll write a letter as soon as I get home! Ok, I'm comin up on the 6th, or is it the 7th, block! Are those shin splints I feel in the front lower part of my legs? Naw! Couldn't be. I haven't done anything strenous enough to get THOSE! Darn it hurts though! Shake it off girl! You CAN do this! Just keep pluggin along! I turn Aretha up a little louder. Maybe I won't feel my legs hurtin too bad if the music is louder! Quick, smile and wave! There's that CUTE single guy that just moved into the Wainright's old place! Oh yeah, he saw me! AND smiled back! I knew I put that makeup on for a reason! My legs are startin to feel a little better now. They must've just need to loosen up a little! Turning the next corner, the road starts heading up hill! This is NOT the time to break into a jog! Maybe I SHOULD though because Carlton's dog is headed this way, barking and growling! Hi there Buddy! How ya been? good dog, good dog! OMG! He isn't being friendly today!I guess he doesn't recognize me in sweat clothes! Come on Buddy, it's me! Erin! You know, your neighbor, good boy!! Buddy is hot on my heels now, I have NO choice but to RUN! NOT JOG, BUT RUN like H_LL! Okay! my legs start hurting again! I am panting, gasping for breath, and tripping on my shoe laces. I can't stop, Buddy is still chasing me! My house is another 3 blocks away! I can't make it. D__mn, I should have brought my water bottle! Not just for the water, but for amunition!! Wonder if throwing my ipod at him would work? Better not! Probably just make him madder! I kick it into overdrive, hoping he will give up. Guess what? He DOESN"T! Just one more block, just one more block, I keep telling myself! By the way, Where is everyone? On any other afternoon, every neighbor within the surrounding mile and a half would be out walking, riding bikes, etc...! Oh no, not today! Today there isn't ANYONE out! Figures!!! I reach my driveway, head to the garage door and grab the rake laying in the yard. Turning around, I notice Buddy is gone! I think I am gonna pass out! Water, I need water! I walk to the hose and turn the faucet on. Wham! I am knocked to the ground! Buddy! as I roll over, I grab for the rake again! What is that? He is LICKING my face! NOT barking, NOT growling, but LICKING my face! I can't help but laugh! No make that HOWL!! I just about killed myself trying to get away from this dog, and here he is LICKING me and wagging his tail! D_mn you Buddy!

I wonder if it's too late to join that gym? Outdoors exercise is NOT for me!

Hope that made you smile! HAd to share it with you!

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