Wednesday, March 25, 2009

**** LETS PARTY****

Come on ladies..... Grab your hubby, grab your kids, turn that Aretha Franklin on, and shake that booty ( we ALL have one...although some more than others)!!!

It's PARTY time with the UBP. The week is slipping by, don't let yourself miss out!

Here at Georgikids... there is NO stoppin us!!!! We are gonna party til...til...til...well...til we fall into our bed exhausted I suppose!!!

Me? Oh, My name is Erin. Did I forget to introduce myself to you? Well, with all this partying goin on, it's no wonder! Please forgive me. I"ve just been a little (no, ALOT) excited the past couple of days about THE ULTIMATE BLOG PARTY 2009!!!

I LOVE Sewing and making beautiful custom children's clothes. I have an shop on Etsy, which I would LOVE for you to stop by sometime. I am married, have 2 daughters (ages 25 & 27)! I know, I know.... I am old! Well, not really! I don't feel old. I have two wonderful grandchildren (Hailee 4 1/2 and Andrew 6). I actually have full custody of Andrew (have had since he was 1 1/2) so I am actually starting all over with this "MOM" thing! Whew!!! I wish I had just an ounce of his energy!! And the BOY thing, well, that's a whole nother story!!! I had GIRLS!! Barbies, tea parties, and dance lessons...not hot wheels, football,and spider man.
Oh well, I LOVE it!!!

Anway, I have been having a blast this week at the UBP!!! I have had sooo much fun today hosting my own Georgikids Shindig, that I think I will extend it til Friday! Yep, three whole days of Georgikids Shindig in honor of the UBP! If you know me, than you know I LOVE a good party! So tomorrow... join me here again, same place same time for more yummy party recipes, fun Easter crafts, beauty tips and LOTS MORE!!! And don't forget to read my very FIRST UBP blog way down below to learn how to win great prizes from my shop this week! I will be drawing the winners names Friday night!!!