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This is part five and the last of the recognition and "mini series" of Louisa May Alcott and the story behind the famous novel "Little Women".

Little Women is the lovely and heart rendering tale about the March family-- a family who loses its wealth and gains much more -- love and unity. Just as the past posts in this series has shown, this story was much like Louisa's own life. Young girls are only human, and they have natural yearning for worldly possessions. It is up to them how they cope with it, which brings us back to the March girls. Their desire to help others even when they don't have much themselves is indeed remarkable. This book shows in all times, love and hope are the most faithful companions, for when all else fails...we can depend on them. Honest and true intentions are really the most valuable possessions one can have. And this novel shows us the beauty of simplicity and the importance of the small human deeds that count even though they cannot be visibly seen. Some may not like this story but the unique thing about it is that it is based on a completely true story of Louisa May Alcott's own life. The unlikely twists in this story make it only more human, since we are all humans and we cannot evade such scenes in our life.

Little Women is a well-told story that features suspense, humor and engaging characters, as well as lessons about the importance of honest, hard work, true love, and family unity. Brilliant in its portrayal of nineteenth-century family life, the novel depicts a secure, placid world in which the the home serves as the center for children's religious and moral education.

In Alcott's novel, the family-as the most important of social units -gives its strength to overcome life's obstacles...
he March girls - Meg,17, Jo,16, and Amy,12 - bemoan the fact that Christmas will be lacking because their poverty prevents them from having gifts and their father is away in the Civil War. Resolving to be better people, they decide to play Pilgrim's Progress, an ongoing makebelieve in which they follow the allegorical travels Christian in Pilgrim's Promise. On Christmas day, the girls take their
breakfast to the Hummels, a needy family nearby. Later they discover that their wealthy neighbor Mr. Lawrence has rewarded their kindness with flowers and treats.

******Many thanks go out to The National Historical Women's Society and The Literature Network for the material used in these posts****

I hope you have enjoyed reading this interesting biography on Louisa May Alcott as much as I have enjoyed writing it.


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